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Big time stress

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    First of all, I am BiPolar of 30 years, so understand the illness and the people who try and comfort me with the usual comments. BORING !!!!

    So, I am a Swedish Citizen but I left in 1970, so forgot all my Swedish language.

    I returned in 2018 and things went bad so I applied for Welfare.
    Its December and I still have not recieved any Welfare payments for 6 MONTHS, so I live of food vouchers from Social.

    I am posting here, to let people know that I will not be responsible for my actions due to my illness.

    I have asked for help and also been admtted to hospital after another suicide attempt.

    Everyone I ask for help, pass me oto the next person and I am 100% sick of it.

    So, I do blame others, and its due to my illness getting out of hand and my BiPolar taking control and I will hurt people who I feel have created this issue of delays and crazy behavior. I HATE THEM ALL !!!

    Thats it.

    Its now on record

Visar 1 inlägg (av 1 totalt)

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