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Self harm and suicide

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  • I’m a 17 years old girl and I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore… I cut myself to feel pain but I don’t feel it, I just watch my own blood down my wrist… Every day at school and home I’m wearing long-armed shirts so they don’t see my scars… I have a boyfriend a few years older than me but he will soon leave me because he’s going home soon, because he’s done with studying… He means the world to me and after he leaving I don’t know what going to happen to me… He knows about my scars and he has been a huge support for me… I’m already thinking about him leaving me and I will be no more… Maybe take my own life…again…

    I write this in English because I’m not that good in Swedish…

    Hi, it sounds like you are going through something very painful in your life.
    It can be helpful to seek help, you shouldn’t have to go through this alone.

    You can call our telephone line 90101 or use our chat mind.se/sjalvmordslinjen, where you can get support and help.
    Having suicidal thoughts and doing self harm is nothing to be ashamed of and you are not alone! Usually these feelings tell us that something in our life is not right. Talking to someone can be the first step to feel better.

    You can also seek help and advice at a Youth Guidance Center (”ungdomsmottagningen”) you can read more about it in English here: http://www.youmo.se/Seeking-help/Youth-Guidance-Centre-/


Visar 2 inlägg - 1 till 2 (av 2 totalt)

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