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Which therapy?

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    I’m new in the forum. I want to get therapy for my mental health and I just started searching the system in Sweden.

    The first impression was very negative unfortunately. I went to a general doctor in Vårdcentral to start with, and he was yawning all the time and asked me if I want him to prescribe me medicine (like I know..). At the end he gave me a remiss to any psychologist/therapist and told me to seek one by myself. After that I felt really worse and hopeless but today I started searching again.

    I went on 1177.se to get info and I found a few kind of therapies. I read about them and I felt that the psychodynamic therapy would suit me more.

    The thing is that my problems’ root is in the past and my symptoms are in the present. I need a ”quick” solution for my depression and anxiety symptoms in order to have an active life again but I don’t believe that by not solving the deeper issues you can go much farther.

    I see KBT as an ”Alvedon” to lower the ”fever” if you know what I mean, to give you useful tools on how to feel better and be productive with your self and work again but in a temporary term, while the ”virus” is still there.

    Then the chaos comes back because you haven’t really worked with the unconscious mind in depth.

    So I called a few psychologists to ask info if we could combine the two therapies. Two of them told me, no. It’s either this or that. I even called another Vårdcentral and the nurse was -I wouldn’t call it rude but- very unpleasant. I was still talking when she interrupted me to ask me why did I call there since I live in another city. Anyway..

    The whole thing that one cannot combine the two therapies didn’t make sense to me.. Because I have a more holistic approach towards the psyche and I feel that to separate the cognitive behaviour from the early experiences in complex cases like mine, is not an efficient way to heal or improve.

    The last psychologist I called though, told me that she absolutely combines the two therapies and depending the case of course, it’s the best way to treat the problem in the best possible way (I told her in short that my main problem is toxic environment and emotional abuse throughout both childhood and adulthood that has led to unmanageable symptoms today).

    The problem is that she has now stopped working with the public health care system because she wasn’t agreeing with many of their administrative procedures  and she accepts only privately, which is costly for a jobless person like me.

    I need to understand please:

    – why there is this big difference in opinions between psychologists,

    – should I trust my instinct and logic or what the majority claims (that I should follow just one therapy),

    – if I decide that what I need is a combination, how can I find someone who accepts frikort and follows this method?

    – what else should I know about the mental health care system in Sweden? Any tips?

    I really don’t have the energy or the time to waste time on the therapy that doesn’t do good to me.. 🙁


    Thank you in advance and forgive me for the English but to talk about such a matter in Swedish is hard for me, I lack vocabulary.


Visar 1 inlägg (av 1 totalt)

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