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Finding a Skeptic-approved back-pain treatment.

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    So I’ve been dealing with an increasingly annoying chronic lower-back pain issue for some time, now… as of late, I’ve been taking yoga classes, trying to maintain a better posture, and most of the common-sensical type behaviors that would promote better alignment.. All of these have helped to a limited extent, but seem to only be slowing down the problem, as the pain can still get relatively severe. The problem is that I feel like I should be doing something more, but every treatment I look at seems to picked to pieces by most skeptics (chiropracty, inversion therapy, acupunture/pressure, surgery, etc)… My regular doctor hasn’t found anything obviously wrong from looking at X-rays, MRI’s and the like, so I’d rather have some input from the community on what my next recourse should be in terms of seeking out a specialist in what seems to be a sea of misinformation, anecdotal evidence, placebo effects, and general quackery… Any suggestions?

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