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How do you dispute a MH diagnosis?

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    I have been given a MH diagnosis I disagree with. I was referred for NHS counselling for help with dealing with a very rate distressing and socially stigmatizing physical condition (late 40s and physical condition diagnosed at 45). Few GPs have even heard of my physical condition and the MH team were equally unaware. A non clinical MH individual has diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder. I disagree and their lack of knowledge about the physical condition makes them unable to realise this is what is causing me issue with interaction and relationships and not an undiagnosed personality disorder that is now presenting in my late 40s!. I am depressed because of this and the knowledge my physical condition is incurable. I have gone through the diagnosis criteria and do not think I fit this – sure I have comfort ate and binge drunk but I have no problems with fears of abandonment and am not clingy. The only fear I have is being humiliated due to my physical condition and this is a real fear – I have lost a job because of this. Any legal /process help in overturning a NHS diagnosis appreciated. I found this site as I googled disputing a diagnosis and it pulled up some old threads.

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