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i will kill myself on october 30

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  • It’s gone too far, I’ve lost my husband, he hates me and doesn’t even want to hear about me. I tried to ask him to forgive me, I tried for 3 months, now my life is ruined and I want to die. I plan everything and I have all the necessary pills. I will walk in stockholm for 4 days, see all our favorite places where my husband and I have been and on October 30th in the evening I will take all the pills. in the morning I will already be gone. I will feel better and no more pain. I miss my husband very much

    Hi, I understand you’re in a big crisis but I beg you not to do this. Throw away the pills. Do you hear me?

    Det är det du vill. Jag oxå men jag vill gärna ha ditt stöd att göra andra saker. En promenad ute och sparka på dom jävla löven som visar att vintern är på gång.

    Anything else other than dying is always good option, because you don’t know how many lives you will affect by leaving them behind

    trying to prove your worth to other person by dying is not a worthy enough lesson and if things are not going well you should try to take break from each other and try to move to different place and try to start a new life as if you never knew that person, i know its not that easy but its better than dying.

    Life is too precious and its not fair to just give it away just like that and this is just a temporary phase of life that you are going through, think about all the good times you had in your life it could be with your parents, friends anyone and work your thoughts towards that

    please take away this kind of thoughts from your head


    You only have one life. To end your life because of a divorce, you really got to ask your self if that was what your life was about. You will get trough it. Give it time. You will not feel better after you are dead. You will not be anything when you are dead.

    I am very familiar with being suicidal. Very familiar. But I would never end my life because some kind of a break up. Never. Never, never. If people committed suicide after break ups, imagen how many that would commit suicide each and every day. You must, really must, value your life higher. Think of everything you will lose. Think of everything in life that you like and that you will give up. You will never be able to feel the sun in the summer. Never be able to hear the birds singing in the mornings. Never be able to feel the warm fur of a dog. Take everything that you deep in your self know that you like, everything will be lost – due to at break up.

    Give it time. Give your self time. You will get trough it. You got to give you’re self time to heal. You must tell your self that you ar worth it. That you are worth living. You got to, sometimes, try to talk to your self in third person perspective. Like, ” – We will get trough this. Its going to be a tough time. But we can!”

    Give it a year. Than give it another year. You are worth it! Life will get better again after a break up, dont give that away. You only got this life as the person you are. Take care of that person. You will thank your self later i life if you give your self time to heal.

    Your ex is not worth your lite. It is Hard now but in a couple of mounts you will feel much better. Trust me on this. 


    <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Привет, я понимаю, что ты в большом кризисе, но я прошу тебя не делать этого. </span><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Выбросьте таблетки. </span><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Ты слышишь меня?</span></span>

    I’ve already planned everything. will be my death. i will die in the park

    <3 I beg you not to do it. Please.

    Do you have siblings?

    Please don’t go this way… this life is too valuable and don’t give away just like that…. there is always help if you ask…I recently lost my partner and everyday I just wish if she could’ve done anything else other than dying…

Visar 9 inlägg - 1 till 9 (av 9 totalt)

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