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Depression medication

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  • Hello,

    I have suffered depression on and off now for over 15 years. I currently am proscribed Vensir, lomotrigine, levomepromazine and zoplicone. I also take warfarin, omeprazole, bisperol, irbesartan and atovastatin which were prescribed last year when I had a mechanical valve fitted. Obviously when In hospital the pharmiscist did talk to me, but since the operation I have had lower moods, irritability etc and was wondering if the tablets prescribed would be having an effect on my depression tablets. I also am concerned a little with how long I have been on the depression tablets and was wondering what the long term effects these tablets could have on my health. I am currently 56 and whilst I have recovered well from my heart operation I just would like to know what you think about the effects all these tablets will be having on me.
    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.


    Im sorry but i have no information to give you about this but i strongly recomend you to contact by calling 1177 and they may help you. Wish you all the best help <3

Visar 2 inlägg - 1 till 2 (av 2 totalt)

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