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Coping with Depression

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  • Hello,

    Depression is not having a bad day or even ”having the blues”-even if it lasts 6 months. Depression is something that is a debilitating illness that affects how we sleep, how we eat, even how we think about ourselves and the future. Exercise is a great way to maintain physical and mental health, but depression eliminates our motivation and enthusiasm for exercise. For that matter depression diminishes our enthusiasm for almost everything including work, hobbies, even love. I see depression as being similar to cancer. Sometimes it’s curable and sometimes it’s chronic and needs ongoing treatment. Sometimes it’s relapsing. And sometimes it’s fatal.

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    Thank you.

    I totaly agree with you and thank you for the info, sometimes we need the hear it so we can talk to someone about it

    take care <3

Visar 2 inlägg - 1 till 2 (av 2 totalt)

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