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att få hjälp med självskada

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  • Hello. My Swedish is absolutely horrendous (I’m an immigrant), therefore I would like to pose my question in English.

    I’ve been struggling with self harm, and sometimes I require stitches and medical attention for my wounds. I’m a bit nervous about getting medical help for that, as I do not know the protocol used in Sweden to treat such patients.

    For context: I’m 19 years old, have my mother live here in Sweden, am clinically diagnosed with depression, don’t take any medication anymore, but have contacts with various mental health professionals (therapist, psychiatrist + visit group therapy every week remotely) from my home country. Our appointments are online.

    Here are the questions I would like to know the answers to before getting medical help:

    1. How is the overall treatment, do nurses care much about the source of the wound at all (whether it’s self-inflicted or not)? What kind of questions should I expect to be asked, if any?

    2. Will I be forced inpatient for self harm, or forced to see a psychiatrist here in Sweden?

    3. If you have ever been inpatient for self harm, what was your experience? If I get put in the psychward, is there a chance to be released quickly if i don’t express any suicidal ideation?

    A big thank you to anyone who replies.

Visar 1 inlägg (av 1 totalt)

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